Change Careers And Thrive with Cloudflare’s Janet Van Huysse

Episode 120

Janet Van Huysse

Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer | CloudFlare

Have you ever felt stuck in a career but didn’t know how to make a change? Do you wonder how to position yourself effectively for a future role?

Our guest, Janet Van Huysse, SVP, Chief People Officer at Cloudflare, shares how she changed careers by leveraging transferrable skills and how you can do the same.

Janet started out as a school teacher in Illinois with a dream to move to California. But when she finally got there, she realized that she couldn’t afford the cost of living as a teacher and had to work nights and weekends at a small internet company. She needed a long-term sustainable solution and after exploring her options, she decided to pursue a career in HR. Her only challenge? She had no training or experience in the field!

In this episode, you’ll learn the steps that Janet took to make a career change and how it helped her achieve her dreams and accelerate success. Today, Janet leads the HR function at Cloudflare, including recruiting efforts. A veteran HR leader with over twenty years of experience in technology, Janet was the first VP of HR at Twitter, as well as the company's VP of Diversity & Inclusion. Janet is also the co-founder of TendLab, a venture seeking to transform the workplace by unleashing the power and potential of working parents.

“It is important to tell people where you want to go.”

Janet Van Huysse