Building Connections with ServiceNow’s Rosa Welton

Episode 184

Rosa Welton

Director, Product Manager, ServiceNow

Building connections is a critical skill set for career success. Most successful people would agree that the popular catchphrase, "it's who you know, not what you know," rings true in daily life. The fact is, “who you know” might matter more, or at least, be just as important as what you know in getting professional opportunities. 

Our guest, Rosa Gonzalez Welton, Director of Product Management, Digital Acquisition, Growth and Customer Success at ServiceNow, shares her career journey and why she believes creating and building connections is the key to learning, growing, and fostering relationships. 

As Director of Product Management, Rosa is responsible for creating experiences across the end-to-end customer journey, from acquisition and growth, through to customer success. Rosa also created her own LeanIn Circle, for Latinas working in tech, a safe space for real talk, inspiration, and support.

In this episode, Rosa shares why the best way to learn is by seizing opportunities, the benefits of investing in yourself, her decision framework, and how she gained access to influential leaders, sponsors, and mentors.

“People generally want to help. There is a benefit they get simply by mentoring or coaching others.”

Rosa Welton