Building a People-First Culture With Sherry Deutschmann

Episode 87

Sherry Deutschmann

Founder & CEO | Braintrust

Company culture isn’t about what you say, it’s about what you do –the standards you uphold, the values you live by, and how you treat each other even when no one is watching.

In this episode, you’ll meet award-winning entrepreneur, Sherry Deutschmann, who built a multimillion dollar business by putting employees first, even ahead of customers and shareholders. Sherry reveals her recipe for building a people-first culture and how a leader’s choices directly impact employee morale, engagement, and commitment.

Sherry Deutschmann is a serial entrepreneur and author of the bestselling book Lunch with Lucy, an inspiring and instructive guide to transformational leadership through empathy. Sherry is the founder of BrainTrust, a company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses to $1Million in annual revenue and beyond.  

“The employee-first business model is the secret tool to make companies more successful.”

Sherry Deutschmann