Bringing Your Idea To Market with BuzzBallz’s Merrilee Kick

Episode 166

Merrilee Kick

Ceo & Founder, Buzzballz/Southern Champion

Let's say you've got a great idea that you really believe in, but you've got no clue where to start. What would you do? Would you figure out a way or feel stuck and do nothing?

Meet Merrilee Kick, CEO/Founder of BuzzBallz/Southern Champion. Merrilee was a school teacher who had this lightbulb idea while she was grading papers by her pool. But rather than just sit on that idea, Merrilee set off on researching how to bring that idea to life. Nine months later, Merrilee launched BuzzBallz/Southern Champion, becoming the only woman-owned Distillery/Winery/Brewery combination in the United States. 

Merrilee is a winner of the Dallas Business Journal’s 2019 Most Admired CEO Award, the 2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Southwest, EY's Winning Women Award 2016, Winner of the Enterprising Women's Award 2017 and 2020’s Top 20 Award, Winner of the WPO’s 50 Fastest companies, Ranked in the Top 50 DFW Businesses by D CEO Magazine in 2020, Winner of the Top Women in Grocery in 2020,  Winner of the 2020 Nielsen Brand Growth Award for Product of the Year Award-Spiked Beverage (BuzzTallz), and Winner of the 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award from Texas Woman’s University.

In this episode, Merrilee shares her entrepreneurial journey and the lessons she's learned in building her business. She also shares advice on the best ways to get unstuck, how to unlock your motivation and bring your ideas to life.

“If you’re stuck or need motivation, you likely aren't researching enough. You need to go out there and dig for information. Ask people for advice.”

Merrilee Kick