Becoming A Worthy Woman With Audrey Bellis

Episode 14

Audrey Bellis

Founder | Worthy Women

Do you find yourself stuck in a situation that is no longer right for you but you’re afraid to make changes? Audrey Bellis, founder of Worthy Women, shares with us why it’s important to focus on what’s good for you, how to step up from a place of service, and why you can’t raise your net worth until you raise your self-worth.

In this episode, Audrey shares her personal journey of shedding other people’s expectations and following her own path. She provides practical tips on how to overcome fears, embrace your authentic self, and become a worthy woman.

“Everything you do comes from a place of self-worth. And if you do not feel worthy of asking for the multimillion-dollar sale, you’re not going to get it.”

Audrey Bellis