Becoming a Change Agent with Volkswagen’s Kimberley Gardiner

Episode 182

Kimberley Gardiner

SVP, Marketing & CMO, Volkswagen Group of America

Does the idea of change make you uncomfortable? For most people, the answer is yes because let’s face it, change IS hard. But we also know that progress only happens when we step into the discomfort and embrace change.

Meet Kimberley Gardiner, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., who shares her career journey and how the desire for impact led her to become a change agent. 

Kimberley shares how once she decided to share her ideas authentically, even when they went against the status quo – in a very male dominated industry - she was much happier, more satisfied, and more engaged. This decision to push to do things a little differently, a little better, led to the success that she has achieved.

Kimberley brings more than 20 years of automotive experience to her current role at VW. She most recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Mitsubishi Motors North America. She joined Mitsubishi from Kia Motors America where she directed marketing efforts for the brand. Previously, she served as CMO and Vice President of Operations for 5th Kind, a global digital asset management company. She is known for being an innovative thinker with a passion to help drive change in the automotive industry – a great fit for helping to push for mainstream adoption of electric vehicles led by Volkswagen.

In this episode, Kimberley shares why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for advice, her daily success habits, how to build your own personal board of directors, and how to plan and achieve your long-term goals.

“Positioning success in terms of how it ladders up in the long term will help you be more successful in the short term.”

Kimberly Gardiner