Be The Author Of Your Own Story with IBM’s Elizebeth Varghese

Episode 149

Elizebeth Varghese

Global Leader - Talent & HR, Transformation Strategy | IBM

Have you ever proceeded down a career path even though you didn’t feel it was right for you? Perhaps it was due to family expectations to go into a certain profession or the pressure to stick with it because you’ve already invested so much time. Expectations of who we’re supposed to be or what we’re supposed to do can often lead us down the wrong path. Regardless of the reasons, one thing is certain – your success gets accelerated when you are aligned to your purpose and passion.

Meet Elizebeth Varghese, Global Leader for Talent & HR Transformation Strategy at IBM. Elizebeth shares her story of gaining perspective from her failures while heading down the wrong career path, and how those failures helped her find her true purpose, define the ways in which she wanted to contribute to the world, and set her on the path to being the author of her own story.

Elizebeth is a Business Leader and Board Director who partners with C-level leaders to enable powerful business outcomes. Elizebeth furthers People & Technology strategies with solutions in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, Blockchain and robotics - for organizations that operate around the world, and in Space.  She is recognized as a global Top 100 Influencer, for her continuing work as a futurist and thought leader. Elizebeth brings creativity, and a thoughtful, collaborative approach to inspire, uncover the best thinking and exceed business results.

In this episode, Elizebeth shares insights into taking risks to advance your career, thriving in the future of work, and the most valuable skill for success in the digital age.

“It is important to be the author of your own potential and your own capability.”

Elizebeth Varghese