All About Happiness with Happiest Places To Work’s Silvia Garcia

Episode 119

Silva Garcia

Founder & CEO | Feel Logic | Happiest Places to Work

Is the glass half full or half empty? Based on your answer, you are assessed as either an optimist or a pessimist, revealing your level of “happiness”.

In this episode, Silvia Garcia, former International Marketing Director and President of the Happiness Institute of Coca-Cola, challenges us that both answers are wrong. The glass is refillable! And anyone can refill their own glass if they focus on the 8 pillars that science attributes to happiness.

As the former President of the Happiness Institute at Coca-Cola, Silvia has studied how positive and negative emotions influence consumer and employees’ decisions. Using the first scientific index of happiness at work, Silvia proves the impact of increasing employees’ happiness at work on business results. 

She is one of the top worldwide leaders on happiness at work and is invited every year by the United Nations to discuss the state of happiness in the world.

“Happiness is always more than one person, whether you are feeling good or feeling bad, you need to share with others.”

Silvia Garcia