Achieving Extraordinary Success with Keisha Bell, Managing Director of DTCC

Episode 215

Keisha Bell

Managing Director and Head of Diverse Talent Management and Advancement, DTCC

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when they expect more of themselves. That’s the message from our guest, Keisha Bell, who has overcome obstacles and achieved extraordinary success by ignoring the doubts and doubters. 

Keisha Bell is the Managing Director and Head of Diverse Talent Management and Advancement at DTCC where she is responsible for developing the next generation of leaders through focused sponsorships and talent advancement strategies. 

Keisha understands what it takes to go beyond barriers. She believes in changing mindsets, forging progressive practices, and views each employee as an agent of change. Keisha says that the role of a leader is to make decisions that move things forward. Her secret is to never overcomplicate things and to keep it simple. While it’s important to seek trusted feedback, eventually, a choice needs to be made. That’s why sometimes, the most important decision you can make is just making a decision. So if you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed with options, remember that unless you’re a surgeon, there is “no patient on the table”, just make the decision!

In this episode, Keisha tells us about her career path, what helped her achieve her goals, and why it’s important to find joy in everything you do.  

“Show up, be authentic, be accountable, do the right thing and act ethically.”

Keisha Bell