Breaking Through Glass Ceilings and The Power of Conviction with Amanda Herson, Partner at Founder Collective

Episode #255

Amanda Herson

Partner at Founder Collective

Amanda grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in South Africa and witnessed injustices early in life, which inspired her to make a positive impact in the world. Though she initially wanted to go into politics, she found her calling in the world of venture capital, where she quickly discovered the glass ceiling for women in the industry. But instead of seeing it as a barrier, she has turned it into an opportunity to stand out.

Amanda believes that pressure and challenge are privileges that allow her to grow and learn, and she is fascinated by how people think and make decisions. She values respecting other people's time and understands the importance of building a strong network of supporters and mentors.

In this podcast, Amanda shares her experiences and wisdom, encouraging us all to have an opinion and use our voices. She emphasizes the importance of conviction in one's professional life and explains how using guardrails protects her personal life.

Join us as we learn from Amanda's journey and gain valuable insights on how to navigate the challenges of a competitive industry. 

“Pressure is a privilege and being challenged is a privilege.”

Amanda Herson