Alyssa Rapp: Being Transparent and Living with No Regrets

Episode #250

Alyssa Rapp

Chief Executive Officer and Director of Healthwell Acquisition Corp.

As a child gymnast, and later a dancer, Alyssa Rapp, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Healthwell Acquisition Corp., learned early on about discipline. It’s carried her through her life and into her career. As the author of the book, “Leadership and Life Hacks: Insights from a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur & Executive”, Alyssa shares her insights about getting the best out of your day.

Alyssa is a believer that we are all responsible for setting the tone for our days. She makes her needs a priority and puts the oxygen mask on herself first so that she can serve her family, friends, and coworkers better. She also values her quiet time and gets through tough situations by managing expectations. For Alyssa, scheduling is everything. If she is going to work out, she puts it on her calendar. If her kids have an event she needs to attend, it has a set place in her schedule. As a young gymnast, she also learned to overcome her fears, and now she really loves a challenge. She gives life all she can with no regrets.

Alyssa also shares with us her principle of mission, vision, and values. She feels that it’s vital for everyone in an organization to share common goals and transparency. When she gives her all, she finds that it inspires others to do the same. Join us to learn a lot of life hacks to help you be more focused, fearless, and organized.

"Commit to the end before you start, then do."

Alyssa Rapp