Being Prepared To Take The Opportunity with Haynes and Boone’s Shelley Rosensweig

Episode 190

Shelley Rosensweig

Partner in Investment Management, Haynes and Boone

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a person minimizes someone’s success to “sheer luck” or to being in the “right place at the right time”. Yes, some luck may be involved, but what’s really at the root of their success is preparation. Being prepared to take on an opportunity, even if it’s a stretch. Being ready to learn on the fly and confident you can figure it out. Being curious and hungry to continuously improve and do what it takes to get things done. Luck and success happen when preparation meets opportunity. 

Our guest, Shelley Rosensweig, a Partner in the Investment Management and Private Equity Practice Groups at Haynes and Boone in New York, shares her career journey and how being prepared to take advantage of opportunities to learn helped her advance in her career and become a partner at an earlier age.

In her current role, Shelley structures, designs and organizes US and non-US private investment funds and assists clients with seed capital arrangements, the operation of managed account platforms and the organization and design of joint ventures, SPVs and other co-investment structures. Shelley also advises clients with respect to SEC, FINRA and CFTC regulatory and compliance matters, family office related matters, trading issues and employment matters. She further advises clients with respect to distribution and capital raising matters and other strategic initiatives.

In this episode, Shelley shares why you should always take advantage of opportunities to learn, the importance of learning business development skills, and shares advice on accelerating success in your career.

"Look for mentors whose expertise you value and that will help you regardless of their gender.”

Shelley Rosensweig