Being Kind and Consistent with Carrie Sweeney

Episode #260

Carrie Sweeney

Sector Lead, Retail at Pinterest

Carrie Sweeney knows how to build relationships. Her belief that showing up and treating clients the way she would her friends has led to success in her career. After graduating from Notre Dame, she started her career working for a large digital agency, building well-known brands like Crayola, Kellogg’s, and Hallmark. After furthering her education at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, she moved on to Bain & Company and then Google’s advertising organization. Her exit from Google led her to Pinterest where she is today helping to build the sales and monetization teams. 

Carrie is a team-focused and client-based leader who believes in showing up when it would be easier to quit. She feels that knowing when and how and where to pivot when making decisions is critical. Carrie is told she brings “big sister energy” to work, which she loves. It comes honestly as she did learn about how to lead and work with people through the relationship with her own sisters. 

As a leader, she helps her employees look for anything that went wrong in a situation and take responsibility for what they can control. She naturally loves people and believes that being there consistently for others over time helps them trust you. Carrie is clearly busy with all of her responsibilities, and when it comes to how she gets through her day, she shares with us how she does the little things first. She wants to make sure she has the quick tasks off her list by 9AM. Join us as we learn this and a lot more from this wise and successful leader in the retail industry.

"The way you treat your friends is how you should treat your clients.”

Carrie Sweeney