The Art of Values Alignment: A Guide for Hiring Managers and Candidates

Episode #285

Anna Kelch

Global Practice Lead Technology at SRI

Does this sound familiar? You've been told that hiring candidates solely based on their qualifications and skills will result in a successful team. But despite following this advice, you're still experiencing a lack of cohesion and productivity. The pain of investing time and resources into recruitment, only to realize that the values of your new hires don't align with your company's culture, is all too real.

On this episode of the Beyond Barriers Podcast, Brooke Skinner Ricketts welcomes a highly respected Executive Recruiter, Entrepreneur and CEO, Anna Kelch. With an extensive background in executive search, Anna is the leader of the global technology practice at SRI. Her expertise enables her to provide invaluable insights and strategies for hiring managers and candidates, seeking to improve values alignment.


“You’ve got to figure out how to stand out, and that means you have to tell your story.”

Anna Kelch