The Making of an Empowered Leader: Lessons from a Top Female Sales Exec at LinkedIn

Episode #299

Alyssa Merwin

Global Vice President of LinkedIn Sales Solutions


Get ready to immerse yourself in the art of building genuine virtual connections with Alyssa Merwin, the global Vice President of LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Host Brooke Skinner Ricketts dives deep into Alyssa's extraordinary journey, from her humble small-town roots to leading LinkedIn's Sales Navigator business.

With unwavering transparency, Alyssa unveils invaluable insights into overcoming challenges and embracing vulnerability as the driving forces behind substantial professional development. 

In this episode, you'll discover how to:

  • Triumph over career challenges and setbacks by implementing invaluable strategies.
  • Understand the significance of seeking assistance and fostering collaboration for achieving professional milestones
  • Harness vulnerability as a catalyst for propelling your professional growth.
  • Master the art of navigating virtual workspaces for heightened productivity and effectiveness.

Stay tuned for a conversation that promises to reshape your leadership approach, redefine the way you ask for help, and revolutionize your ability to foster authentic connections in today's remote work landscape.

"I like being an underdog. I like the idea that I can exceed someone's expectations or be more than what they thought I could. And for me, that has been fuel."

Alyssa Merwin