Advancing By Taking Risks with TriNet’s Catherine Wragg

Episode #245

Catherine Wragg

Chief People Officer at TriNet

Meet Catherine Wragg, Chief People Officer at TriNet who shares how self-awareness and smart risk taking helped her achieve career success. 

Coming from a traditional environment, Catherine had to grow into the risk-taker she is today. Throughout her career, she took on challenges, betting on herself and her ability to learn. Whether it was switching to new industries or taking on risky projects, Catherine stepped into the unknown with curiosity and optimism. That’s what helped her rise to the C-suite after starting her career in the payroll department.

Catherine leads with a deep desire to make a bigger impact. She expertly navigated the challenges posed by the pandemic and created an environment where Trinet employees would thrive, adapting the culture and workplace to accommodate the new normal. Catherine lives her life with hope and belief in a better tomorrow.

You have to take time for yourself and then digest all that you're seeing, feeling and hearing to be able to provide perspective or create an environment that allows folks to be their best selves.

Catherine Wragg