A Journey of Risks, Rewards & Balance with Robin Wheeler, Chief Revenue Officer at Fetch

Episode #273

Robin Wheeler

Chief Revenue Officer at Fetch

"Remember, ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’." This vital fatherly wisdom from Robin Wheeler’s childhood resonates in each step of her successful journey. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Fetch, Robin lives by this credo, becoming a risk-taker who skillfully transforms every challenge into an opportunity.

She unveils her exceptional journey navigating significant roles at industry powerhouses such as People Magazine, AOL, Twitter, and intricately weaves a narrative of how her success required a move across the country to integrate her career with her personal life.

Robin brings to light the critical elements of her success, primarily her daring choice of venturing into the less-traveled path and embracing challenges outside her comfort zone. She identified her super power for connecting with people and influencing through sales. With an unwavering belief in her value, she recomposes our understanding of self-worth: trusting ourselves and knowing the remarkable skills we bring to the table.

This episode untangles the bustling knitting of a thriving career and mothering twins. Hear from Robin herself about her effective strategies surrounding work-life integration and the importance she assigns to downtime expectations.

“You have to trust the value that you’re bringing and know that you belong in that role."

Robin Wheeler