Empowering Latinas in STEM with Intel’s Isaura Gaeta

Episode 233

Isaura S. Gaeta

VP, Security Research, Intel Product Assurance & Security Engineering, Intel Corporation

Many barriers stand in the way of a Latina pursuing a career in STEM... from societal and familial norms to high school counselors telling Latinas, and other women for that matter, "maybe you'd be better suited majoring in something else." This experience has been the case for decades. Even if one pushes past discrimination, there are still challenges with a lack of resources, support, and the isolation of being "the only" in the room. 

The numbers say it all: Only 2 percent of Latinas held science and engineering positions, as reported by the National Science Foundation. And that number hasn't changed much in the last seven years. But for Latinas in academia, STEM, and beyond – embracing technology and the power of community are key to accelerating success. 

In this episode, Isaura Gaeta, Vice President of Security Research, Intel Product Assurance & Security Engineering at Intel Corporation, leads by example in her respective field and shares her story to encourage and empower the next generation of Latinas in STEM.

“Engineering is about helping people. It's about making our lives better.”

Isaura S. Gaeta